Engagement Sessions | 5 Tips To Help Elevate Your Style

Old City, Philadelphia

So, you’ve chosen your photographer and booked your engagement session. You’ve even picked out that one location that perfectly matches your personalities. What’s the very next thing that comes to mind? Of course, what do we wear? This is the number one question couples ask, when choosing their engagement session style. To make sure you look and feel your very best, I’ve listed 5 tips below to help you elevate your style.

1.) Wear something suitable to your location that makes you feel flirty & thriving!

When planning engagement sessions, I often encourage couples to think different. If you love hiking or surfing or art you should incorporate these elements into your engagement session. When you do, ensure your outfit style reflects the location or activity of your session.

*Style Tip: You should definitely pack that wet suite & surf board as an outfit option for a beach session!

On the contrary, that tube top that you always pull up, or that dress that you fidget with should not be first pick for your engagement session. You should always dress for your body type. We all have insecurities. One of mine is my arms. So, I would personally not choose a tube top or spaghetti strap, when choosing my outfit. When you feel comfortable and attractive, you’re confidence level goes through the roof.  I know mine does 🙂 I stand taller and walk more powerful. This will reflect positively in your photos.

*Style Tip: If you don’t favor your arms go for a quarter sleeve, they make the arms look slimmer. If you don’t favor your legs, maxi skirts or dresses are always a plus. If you’re worried about your height, heels elongate the legs!


2.) Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

If you want to add interest to your engagement session style layer up!

For Her: Scarfs, Cardigans, Hats, or Belts can add interest to any outfit. They can also serve as a prop for your photos. Your photographer may have you gently pull your cardigan for movement, or tug your scarf  to accentuation the neck. If you really want to elevate your style, statement rings and necklaces are a plus! Statement pieces can transform an blah outfit to a yasss outfit in seconds.

For Him: Sport coats, Blazers, Shoes, and Belts can transform your man from fiance to fianc – heyyy :0 ! Pay close attention to your mans shoes and belt, its all in the details. Also, layering is not just for women. Men can add variety to their style by layering too.

*Style Tip: To give a cleaner, elevated look his belt and shoes should match in color and texture. Leather shoes = Leather belt. Layer a sport coat or blazer with a collar shirt & thin sweater for an extra punch. Ladies add a statement necklace to sweater for extra sass.


3.) Coordinating outfits doesn’t mean matchy match!

When planning your outfit, coordinating doesn’t mean matching your outfits exactly. The eye & the camera favors complimentary colors, as they are said to complete each other. So, take a few minutes when planning your outfits to google the Color Wheel. This tool can help you pair together the best colors for your pieces. Colors directly across from each other are complimentary and will pair nicely together. For additional options, try pairing colors to the left or right of your chosen color on the wheel. These should pair nicely as well.

*Style Tip: A pale yellow dress can be paired with your fiances green shirt. A pink statement necklace can be paired with a chambray shirt outfit.

4.) Don’t be afraid of patters and prints!

Flowers, stripes, plaid, polka dots just go for it! Print can add a little extra something to any outfit. However, be careful how you coordinate your prints, to avoid making your outfit appear busy. Bold print pairs nicely with neutral colors, and pair large scale prints with small scale prints. Small scale prints shouldn’t be smaller than a dime size.

*Style Tip: Large strips and small polka dots totally go together! Pair that flowered maxi skirt with your fiances neutral colored sweater. Pair your fiances plaid shirt with a neutral colored shirt or dress.


5.) Think Dinner or Dancing!

When planning your engagement session style, always think up! Outfits that are regularly worn to dinner dates, cocktail parties, or a night out dancing are always great for engagement sessions. Flowey dresses that move when you twirl are romantic and elegant and great for movement in photos. Don’t be afraid to suit up gentleman, think Christian Grey. Lastly, choose outfits that stand the test of time.

*Style Tip: Ensure your outfits are on the same level. Don’t pair a cocktail dress with your fiances favorite pair of jeans!

For examples of real life engagement style in action click Here & Here.

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I hope you all find this helpful, now onward and pick that outfit 🙂

Happy Planning,